Can you imagine the feast of Holi without Thandai? No we can't! A milk based drink made with poppy seeds and lots of dry fruits, a glass of thandai is heartwarming with its creamy and desi taste.

This Holi 2022, we come up with some of our favorite sweet recipes that can be prepared with just a glass of thandai.

Malpua: With a great line up for Malpua dishes, you can create your own mini Malpua assortment, which has something for everyone. These delectable pancakes are your way to sweet and salty heaven.

Dahi Bhalle: A great combination of curd and spices, this dish is liked in every household. Served with green chutney or sweet tamarind chutney, this recipe is sure to win hearts.

Rasmalai: Like thandai kheer and phirni, small sized rasgullas are prepared here and enjoyed by pouring into bowls of thandai. Prepare thandai and rasgulla separately, mix and enjoy.

Thandai Phirni: All you have to do is grind some rice and mix it with thandai and boil it. And in no time, you have a delicious bowl of thandai phirni to enjoy.

Thandai Kulfi: We just love kulfi, right? What if we say you can make some delicious kulfi with thandai, that too in just five minutes?

Thandai Barfi: Barfi is probably one of the most popular sweets on every festival. Keeping this in mind, why not try a new recipe of Holi's special Thandai Barfi.

Kheer: Another variant of phirni, here you need to add whole rice to the thandai and boil it. Thandai kheer tastes best after eating.

Puran Poli: The taste of delicious Puran Poli is something that you cannot miss. This delicious dish is easy to make, light and tasty as well. Loaded with chana dal and sugar

Bhang Pakora: Bhang is the special mascot of Holi, and although you can incorporate them into your drinks, why not try a new recipe for this Bhang Pakora.

Wishing you a very happy and colorful Holi. This Holi, may you be blessed with happiness and good health. Happy Holi!