V, Asked Not To Get Tattoo, Claps Back Saying Members Planning To Get Matching Inkings


BTS singer V aka Kim Taehyung has stunned fans with his latest reveal. The Christmas Tree singer returned to Weverse on Wednesday and chatted with a number of fans, revealing that he and his fellow BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook are planning on getting a tattoo. If that wasn’t enough, he also revealed that the members are considering getting the tattoo in a place that might not be easily visible to the naked eye, somewhere like a butt cheek.

As translated by BTS fan translation account @btsinthemoment on Twitter, the conversation about the tattoo began with a fan asking Taehyung if he ever wants to get a tattoo. “Does tyungie have any thoughts about getting a tattoo ??” the fan asked. V confessed he does have plans. “To be honest I want to draw a trumpet on my right arm.. but I think it’ll hurt so it’ll be better not to right?” he replied.

“Do a tattoo sticker. what will you do if you get a tattoo but get sick of it later,” the fan asked. “I’m not doing it in case my dad might be hurt (because of it),” he explained. A user tried to convince Taehyung to not get a tattoo. “Don’t get a tattoo,” the comment read but TaeTae seemingly shut it down. “That’s something I’ll handle myself, but first the members (and I) talked about friendship tattoos every day,” the singer replied. “We’re going to get friendship tattoos someday, please look forward to it,” he added.

A fan confessed the tattoo idea seems like the one the Avengers got. It was then that Tae revealed that the plan is to get the tattoo on their ‘right butt cheek’. “Somewhere where you can’t see it, on the right butt cheek,” he said, adding that it was Suga’s idea. “Was the person who suggested friendship tattoos Yoongi hyung?” he replied to the post.

While it is unclear if V was joking about the tattoo or if he was serious about it, the confession has led to numerous fan reactions. Fans also cheered Taehyung for tactfully handling a user who didn’t want him to get the tattoo.

Meanwhile, BTS will be hosting their Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas starting this weekend.

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