TikToker Trying to Pull Prank on Stranger Gets Smacked Down MMA Style


If you are active on social media then you must have come across innumerable videos, where influencers pull pranks or scare common people in public. But it becomes more humiliating for the victims of such pranks. Content creators would do anything for social media numbers and views but they easily get away after pulling such nasty pranks. However, a 21-year-old content creator wasn’t lucky enough to get away after playing a prank on a stranger. A video is making rounds on the internet, where a content creator can be seen pulling a prank on a person but the young man almost ended up in the hospital.

The content creator, who is simply known as ‘Jay’ to his fans, took to his Instagram account and posted a video, in which he can be seen going to a stranger from behind and using a PVC pipe as a megaphone, to scream near the stranger’s ear. Well, his action was meant to be a prank to scare the old man, and Jay would have recorded his reactions on the camera for his social media post. But to his surprise, as soon as he screamed in the old man’s ear, the furious man turned around and smacked him down using BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), in his defense.

As soon as the man tried his defense trick on his prankster, Jay was lying on the floor, squealing in response. Going by the post, it appears that Jay has learned his lesson, as while posting the video on his Instagram account, he wrote in captions, “Definitely shouldn’t have”. And after all, this isn’t the first time when the content creator landed in trouble for attempting a prank on a stranger. Earlier, Jay posted a video, where he can be seen trying the same prank on another man, and yet again he couldn’t get away after the prank. Watch the video here:

It seems that even netizens got irritated watching him trying such pranks on people, as one user took to the comments section and wrote, “Damn been waiting for somebody to do this to you”. Another user sarcastically wrote, “The funeral will be televised…on IG at least,” and ended his comment with a handful of laughing emoticons.

What are your views on such scary pranks?

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