Most Important Topics for Biology Paper & How to Ace Them


The upcoming Central Board of Secondary Exams (CBSE) class 12 term 2 exams are set to begin from April 26. While students need to go through the entire book and syllabus to score well, here is a list of the most important topics and how to prepare them in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The term 1 and term 2 exams combined will make for the CBSE 12th final result. The class 12 term 2 exams will be held in a subjective manner. Many schools claim that students are out of writing practice and to ensure the same, they have been following some writing practice. Students can also refer to tips below for the same –

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Human Health and Diseases

Make tables for the human diseases given in the chapter including causal organism, symptoms, and effects. Flow charts must be made after understanding the concepts of immunity, AIDS, and cancer. Alcohol and drug abuse should be learned independently as a concept and then integrate together for effects and solutions.

Microbes in Human Welfare

Make tables for each category of application of microbes as well as flow chart for the functioning of Sewage treatment and Biogas plant. Learn about BOD and its importance as a measuring parameters of water pollution. It is knowledge-based chapter so go for quick revision regularly.

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Students can make flow charts for different techniques used in the field of biotechnology. Relate the basic recombinant DNA technology to the developments made in medicine, agriculture, and molecular diagnosis. Learn the various applications of biotechnology independently by using flow charts or bullet points.

Organisms and Populations

Focus on the responses of different groups of organisms to different abiotic factors. Do analytical study of different graphs, growth models, population study and relate it to study socio-economic conditions of different countries. Different population interactions should be studied keeping in view the role of different organisms in their respective habitats.

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Biodiversity and its Conservation

Learn all the biological concepts given in the chapter – types of biodiversity, patterns of biodiversity, and conservation methods, both traditional and modern. Note down all the contribution of Robert May and write it together, it will help to corelate the events. Furthr, focus on work of Paul Ehrlich and Alexander Humboldt.

For exams, stick to examples given in the NCERT for all the major causes under ‘evil quartet’.  Focus on facts instead on figures given for red data book and biodiversity. The most important tip for biology is to not rely on rote learning and rather try to understand the concepts. Revise and test yourself frequently by writing accurate and brief answers using previous year papers or sample papers.

— Authored by Poonam Bisht, Biology teacher, VidyaGyan Leadership Academy

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