Majority of Indians Trust Vaccination to Stay Safe from COVID-19, Says Report


GOQii’s Fit India Report 2022 reflects numbers that suggest that almost 30 percent of Indians suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression after grappling with the malevolent COVID-19 pandemic. In their latest report, GOQii ran a survey titled ‘COVID-19 Trust In Vaccines and Vaccination’ among over 10,000 users of GOQii across the country.

The survey tallied the users on various health parameters including lifestyle diseases, BMI, water intake, stress, etc. The parameters were further classified on the basis of gender and cities that users lived in. As per the report, 29.31 percent of Indians were suffering from depression in 2021. However, the silver lining was that the proportion of Indians suffering from depression decreased from 43 percent in 2020.

The dip in the percentage is cited in the opening up of the country after the various restrictions-laden lockdown was lifted. This allowed people to get back on their feet and gain back the momentum of life lost during the advent of the pandemic. The report also suggests that as much as 50.3 percent of Indians are on the verge of slipping into mental health issues and thus, fall in the ‘High Risk’ or ‘Borderline’ category.

The numbers were based on the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) score of the report. The report mentioned that cities such as Indore, Kolkata, and Delhi have a higher number of unhealthy people as compared to other cities in the country. Coming to the primary agenda of the report, the results showed that the majority of people in India trust the vaccines and the vaccination drive in keeping them healthy and safe from the coronavirus.

The study also showed the men in the country are healthier in comparison to the women in the country. While the proportion of men who fall in the unhealthy category stood at 47 percent, the percentage of women falling in the unhealthy category stood at 61.

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