Karnataka Family Kidnaps Baby from Hospital to Help Daughter Who Had Miscarriage


There was high drama regarding the kidnap of a newborn at Arakalagudu government hospital, Hassan district, Karnataka on March 14. A newborn baby boy was kidnapped by a woman posing as a nurse. The parents of the child, both guest labourers from Assam, realised that the baby had been kidnapped only after several hours had lapsed. The woman, Yasmin, was admitted to the hospital on March 13 after she went into labour, and delivered the baby at 7.30 pm. By around midnight, a woman dressed as nurse came to the father of the child, Sural, and handed him a list of medicines. She told him to bring them and the minute he was away to do so, she vanished with the baby.

After returning with the medicines, Sural and Yasmin waited till the next day for the “nurse” to return, which didn’t happen. They realised then that the baby had been kidnapped and lodged a complaint with the police. The police said that the kidnappers gained entry from the back door of the hospital dressed as nurses. Since they were in uniform, no one doubted them. However, their act was recorded on CCTV and the police worked out the clues.

Within three days, the police nabbed the culprits. They were a gang of 6 trying to save their daughter’s marriage by kidnapping the child, revealed investigation. Sushmitha, a native of Kaniyaru Koppalu village, was married to a man in Mysuru 9 years ago. This had created tension in her husband’s family and she had begun to live separately with her husband away from her in-laws. Her mother-in-law was always taunting her on being childless and even threatened to re-marry her son (Sushmitha’s husband) to get a heir.

Sushmitha was pregnant 6 months ago but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. She was greatly disturbed after this and her maternal family decided to do something to bring peace to her. Hence, Sushmitha’s mother Shailaja, brother Yashwanth, sister Arpitha, Suma and a distance relative Prakash, all ganged up and decided to kidnap a newborn from a government hospital. By around 7.30 pm on March 13, they got to know that a couple had just had a healthy baby boy in the hospital. After careful plotting, they kidnapped the baby by midnight and fled in Yashwanth’s vehicle.

They kept the baby in their farm house for some time and later shifted to Mysuru. But, they have now been nabbed by the police. Though all of them were trying to save their daughter’s wedding and life, they are now behind bars.

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