Bengaluru Businessman Sets Son On Fire In Fight Over Accounts


Bengaluru Businessman Sets Son On Fire In Fight Over Accounts

The CCTV image shows the argument between Arpit (right) and his father.

A businessman in Bengaluru has been arrested for setting his son on fire after argument over settlement of accounts. The young man died in a hospital due to burn injuries. The incident took place in Valmiki Nagar area of the city on April 1 and was caught on CCTV.

The footage, now circulating on Twitter, first shows the victim Arpit coming out of a building. He appears to be drenched in some liquid, which the police later said was paint thinner (a spirit-based solvent).

His father Surendra rushes out after him. The young man is seen pleading to his father, who is in no mood to listen and is even seen scolding Arpit. The 25-year-old then tries to stop his father who lights a matchstick and throws it at him.

After one unsuccessful attempt, the second matchstick set his clothes ablaze and Arpit is seen running from the spot with his clothes on fire.

Locals rushed to douse the fire and took the young man to Victoria Hospital. He suffered 60 per cent burn injuries and kept fighting for his life for two days. Arpit succumbed during treatment on Thursday morning.

His father was arrested by the police after a complaint lodged by a neighbour.

Surendra runs a fabrication business. According to reports, the argument began after Arpit, who was manning the shop, failed to give details of Rs 1.5 crore when the father asked him for account details.